Task Force on Municipality Audit (TFMA)

Background: The EUROSAI Task Force on Municipality Audit (EUROSAI TFMA) was set up in the 44th EUROSAI Governing Board meeting in Luxembourg in June 2016.

Membership: The EUROSAI TFMA is chaired by the National Audit Office of Lithuania, with the Secretariat located in Vilnius, and it´s composed of 28 members.

Mission and aims: The EUROSAI TFMA mission is to create an open platform for sharing the best practice and experience on the municipality audit.

The EUROSAI TFMA activities are orientated to EUROSAI strategic goal on professional cooperation and based on 3 EUROSAI TFMA strategic goals:

  1. Exchanging the best practice and experience to reach audit results that have a substantial impact on improving public financial management
  2. Making the external municipal auditing system more efficient
  3. Encouraging cooperative audits


• The article "The Issues of the Use of Subvention for Procuring the Housing for Orphan Children: from Negligence in the Ministry to Abuses at the Municipal Level"  (TFMA NEWS APRIL 2018 – JUNE 2019, No2)

• Audit Compendium “Municipal Owned Companies”