A cooperative audit “National parks”

The cooperative audit of national parks was performed in 2013–2014 and involved the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, and Ukraine. The report builds on the seven individual national audit reports.

The main objectives of the cooperative audit were:

  • to assess if national parks are managed appropriately;
  • to address the challenges regarding the conservation and protection of biodiversity in national parks;
  • to evaluate whether public funds are being spent in the best way, allowing the goals of national parks to be achieved.

In order to ensure that the national parks work towards achieving specific goals, all national parks should have management plans that should be operational and measurable.

In order to ensure that each park reaches its objectives and specific targets, the authorities should monitor the performance of the national parks more closely, and evaluate whether the objectives of the parks are being met.

In order for national parks to carry out their functions, public financing should be based on a needs' assessment of each national park.

Joint report