Vasyl Nevidomyi

Member of the Accounting Chamber

член Рахункової палати

Vasyl NEVIDOMYI was born in November 9, 1961 in Budy village in Kharkiv oblast.


1986 – graduated from Kharkiv Law Institute named by F. E. Dzerzhinskyi, specialixing in "Jurisprudence", qualification – lawyer.

2007 – Phd, Law.

2013 – Doctor, Law.

Author of more than 40 scientific works, articles in scientific periodicals and scientific research theses, works on law, finance and audit issues.

Co-author and co-sponsor of scientific research work on recommendations for the Internal Control System of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine for 2012-2016 together with specialists of the Financial Management Academy of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

Work Experience

1978 – 1981 – worked at the Zhovtnevyi People's Court of Kharkiv City.

1985 – 1994 – Trainee of Prosecutor Assistant, Prosecutor Assistant, Prosecutor, Senior Assistant of Prosecutor, Senior Investigator, Deputy Head of the Prosecutor's Office of Kharkiv region.

1994 – 1997 – Trainee, Prosecutor Assistant, Senior Assistant of Prosecutor, Deputy Head of the Department – Head of the Supervision over Laws Observance in Economic Relations Unit of Supervision General Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine.

In 1997 – 2018 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine appointed Vasyl Nevidomyi as the Member of the Accounting Chamber, he served as Senior Controller – Director of Defense and Law Enforcement Department of the Accounting Chamber (Decrees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine dated April 24, 1997 No. 232/97-VR and June 17, 2004 No. 1795-IV).

Since 2004 – Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of the Accounting Chamber.

2009 – 2013 – Chaired the OSCE External Auditor Group in Vienna (Austria) for auditing the consolidated budget statements for 2009 and 2010-2011, 2012 fiscal years.

2016 – 2020 – Chaired of the external audit group of the EU funds given to Ukraine on grant basis within the framework of four multi-state programs of cross-border cooperation for 2016-2020.

2018 – Head of the Functional Assessment of the Accounting Chamber.

2019 – Deputy Head of the Working Group on the Strategy for the Development of the Accounting Chamber.

On 15 March 2018, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine appointed Vasyl Nevidomyi as the Member of the Accounting Chamber (Decree of the Verkhovna Rada dated 15 March 2018 No. 2345-VIII).

Honours and Awards

2013 – International Expert Certificate on Financial Audit Standards Implementation under the IDI UN / INTOSAI Program with Initiative of International Standards Implementation for Supreme Audit Institutions.

2016 – Certified Internal Auditor, certificate issued by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine.

2017 – Anticorruption course for supervisories of high rank in the sphere of defense "Buildingintegrityforseniorleaders", the British Academy of Defense, Srivanheim-London.

Speaks English, level B2- С-1.

2008 – Honored Lawyer of Ukraine.

2011 – awarded with the Order of Merit of the III degree.