Olha Pishchanska: The process of improving the knowledge and skills of the audit staff of the Accounting Chamber will be brought to a new ground

13.03.2024 14:00

It is important for Ukrainian society and international partners to have full confidence in the quality of the audits of the Accounting Chamber, particularly those related to using donor funds. To achieve this, the process of improving the knowledge and skills of the institution's audit staff should be accelerated and brought to a new ground. This was stated by the Chairwoman of the Accounting Chamber, Olha Pishchanska, during a working meeting in Poland with representatives of the Centre for Audit Excellence (CAE) of the Government Accountability Office of the United States (GAO) (hereinafter - CAE). The exchange of views took place as part of a seven-day experience exchange session that ended in Krakow.

During the training, 25 auditors of the Accounting Chamber had the opportunity to exchange experience with their US colleagues and improve their practical competences in audit planning, in particular, in developing the so-called audit matrix. This is the third corresponding session implemented within the framework of the international technical assistance project "Strengthening the Capacity of the Accounting Chamber" (supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)).

During the previous similar sessions, with the advisory assistance of American colleagues, Ukrainian auditors developed strategies for conducting five audits, two of which have already been completed, and three more are planned to be completed in 2024.

"Due to the thorough approaches to these control measures, their results are significant, and the recommendations provided as a result of the audits are clear and effective. The audits you are currently working on are also of great social and economic importance," Olha Pishchanska, Chairwoman of the Accounting Chamber, said in her welcoming speech to the Ukrainian auditors. She also thanked the representatives of CAE for a unique and effective form of experience exchange.

During the working meeting of Olha Pishchanska with CAE experts Joseph Christoff, Eileen Larence and Robert Westbrooks, the issues of reforming the Accounting Chamber and its needs to accelerate the institution's transition to international standards were discussed.

The American colleagues demonstrated their readiness to increase support for the Ukrainian side. In particular, the future topics for experience exchange trainings were discussed, and it was agreed to partially transfer the venue of these events to Ukraine.