Acting Chairman of the Accounting Chamber Andrii Maisner met with USAID Mission Director in Ukraine James Hope

14.09.2023 18:52

The Acting Chairman of the Accounting Chamber Andrii Maisner held a working meeting with USAID Mission in Ukraine James Hope. The parties discussed the international technical assistance project launched by USAID and the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine.

The three-year project will further strengthen the Accounting Chamber in ensuring accountability of public funds, including the U.S. direct budget support to Ukraine.

Within the framework of this cooperation, the Accounting Chamber is already conducting two performance audits on the World Bank tranches, which mostly contain funds from the U.S. taxpayers.

"These are, in fact, joint pilot projects of the Accounting Chambers of Ukraine and the USA," Andrii Maisner described this work.

Today, both audits are conducted based on the main administrators of the state budget funds of the relevant budget programmes, which are funded, in particular, by the U.S. funds through the general fund of the state budget of Ukraine.

In his turn, James Hope noted that USAID clearly understands the unique role, status and functionality of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine. Its audits will help strengthen the confidence of American and other international partners in Ukraine in terms of accountability, transparency and efficiency of international assistance, in particular, international financial non-repayable assistance, which is the U. S. direct budgetary support.

He emphasised the importance of further performance audits on the U.S. taxpayers' funds and expressed hope for being approved the first reports within the framework of the USA cooperation at the Accounting Chamber meeting in December this year.

In addition, the meeting participants discussed other issues of in-depth cooperation, the role of the Accounting Chamber in the anti-corruption policy of Ukraine, strengthening this role through the USAID support. In the coming months a competition for vacant positions of members of the Accounting Chamber and changes in the legislation on the Accounting Chamber, supported by MPs, were discussed as well.

James Hope and Andrii Maisner assured each other of their openness and readiness to cooperate in the interests of Ukrainian and American societies.

Jay Totte, the Anti-Corruption and Rule of Law Team Lead at USAID/Ukraine, and Mykhailo Tolstanov, Head of the International Cooperation Department of the Accounting Chamber also attended the meeting.