The Accounting Chamber establishes cooperation with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy

25.09.2023 17:15

The Acting Chairman of the Accounting Chamber Andrii Maisner met with the delegation of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, led by the Chair of the WFD Board of Governors, MP Richard Graham. The parties discussed the prospects for cooperation amid war and the possibility of expanding support for democratic institutions in Ukraine.

At the beginning of the meeting, Andrii Maisner thanked the WFD representatives for their visit to Ukraine, considering it as "a manifestation of courage and a clear principled position on the side of right." He recalled the active cooperation between the SAI of Ukraine and UK, especially within the initiative of Gareth Davies, the Comptroller and Auditor-General of the UK National Audit Office, to create the EUROSAI project group to support the Accounting Chamber amid the war.

He also emphasised that thanks to the cooperation with international partners, the Accounting Chamber has gained the updated methodological framework based on the ISSAIs, and is actively enhancing its capabilities through practical synergy with SAIs of other countries.

"Since August 1, current year, we have finally arranged audit activity to the ISSAIs, which have long been practiced throughout the civilized world. And this is the end of the institution's post-Soviet past, I am sure of that", said Andrii Maisner.

Speaking about the prospects of cooperation with the WFD, Andrii Maisner cited an example of cooperation with the foundation. "In a peaceful Ukraine after our Victory over evil and terrorism, it is the Parliament in the parliamentary-presidential republic that must play a decisive role in the management of the state. We are clearly aware of this at the Accounting Chamber, and our cooperation, interaction with the Parliament and specialized committees is one of the key areas of activity of the Accounting Chamber", noted he.

In his opinion, such key words as "transparency", "accountability", "effective use of material resources" of both Ukrainians themselves and international partners are the basis for a stable relationship between the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Accounting Chamber.

"State synergy and professional cooperation of two state institutions is a pillar of democracy and is a guarantee that democracy in Ukraine will be developed, instead of becoming a hostage of war or any force majeure in the future. And this cooperation is the point of our mutual relations with you, because the Parliament is also at the stage of reforming the apparatus, and here we have such an important and powerful partner as the WFD. Perhaps we can join efforts with you in this partnership triangle", noted Andrii Maisner.

Richard Graham, in turn, expressed support for Ukraine on the way to achieving peace. He emphasized that the WFD is ready to help not only during the hot phase of the war, but also during the post-war period, when Ukraine can become an example of exemplary democracy and development for the entire region.

The participants also discussed the issue of accountability and spending of funds received to support democratic institutions. The WFD expressed readiness to cooperate with the Accounting Chamber to ensure proper reporting and use of resources.

The meeting was an important step in strengthening cooperation between the Accounting Chamber and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy and demonstrated mutual interest in supporting democracy and the development of Ukraine.

The meeting was also attended by: the Member of the Accounting Chamber Vasyl Nevidomyi,      the MP, former UK Minister for Minister for the European Neighbourhood and the Americas Wendy Morton, the Director of Policy and Programs, WFD, Shannon O'Connell, the Regional director, Europe and Central Asia, WFD, Chris Levick, the Country Representative, Ukraine, Halyna Shevchuk.