The main task is to ensure the effective functioning and development of the Accounting Chamber: Olha Pishchanska − at a meeting with the EU Delegation to Ukraine

04.03.2024 11:18

During a working meeting with the EU Delegation to Ukraine, the Chairwoman of the Accounting Chamber, Olha Pishchanska, discussed with the Head of Cooperation Programs of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Stefan Schleuning the prospects of cooperation between the EU Delegation to Ukraine and the Accounting Chamber. The issues of improving the tools of institution and enhancing its capacity, including the updating of relevant legislation were considered.

Olha Pishchanska thanked the European colleagues for their long-term support of the institution and expressed hope for the continuation of cooperation.  She noted the effectiveness of the International Technical Assistance Project "Strengthening Capacities in External Audit in Line with International Standards" (EU4ACU).

"The projects’ contribution to the Accounting Chamber’s reform implementation is significant. Thanks to this support, we were able to form a pool of highly qualified specialists who are already working according to the international standards. The main task now is to ensure the most efficient work of the institution and its sustainable development," said Olha Pishchanska.

During the meeting, the European colleagues also asked about the areas in which the Accounting Chamber needs their support. The issue of updated legislation concerning the Accounting Chamber’s reform was also discussed.   

Participants also exchanged views on the importance of quality control over the proper use of international support in Ukraine, in particular the funds of the Ukraine Facility support mechanism, which provides for the provision of EUR 50 billion to our country.

Finally, the parties agreed to intensify the partnership dialogue and hold regular meetings to discuss current issues of cooperation.