Andrii Maisner on the statement of the G7 Ambassadors: We appreciate the support of the institutional renewal of the Accounting Chamber by the international partners

07.12.2023 22:15

The position of the G7 ambassadors is a powerful signal of support for the institutional renewal of the independent state external audit body, which is the Accounting Chamber. This was stated by the Acting Chairman of the Accounting Chamber Andrii Maisner, commenting on the message of the diplomats published in the social network X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday, December 7.

"We appreciate the support of the international partners for the institutional renewal of the Accounting Chamber and are grateful for the principled position expressed by the ambassadors of the G7 countries," he said.

The G7 Ambassadors believe that "reforming the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine is a chance to show the world that Ukraine manages international aid and the resources of its citizens well."

"Both Ukrainian society and our international partners demand transparency and accountability.  They have already provided financial support to Ukraine for more than UAH 2.5 trillion in the period of 2021-9 months – 2023. The topic of efficiency in public finance and real improvement of governance is becoming especially relevant in the context of post-war recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine," Andrii Maisner emphasized.

According to him, the Accounting Chamber is a unique institution, but mostly in terms of its potential. Thanks to the reforms, it will finally become what it should be - a powerful, independent expert and analytical audit body, which is respected by the stakeholders within the state, as well as by the European and all other international partners.

"Over the past six months, we have made an incredible breakthrough in our activities and institutional development, in particular, we have fully adopted ISSAI standards. We are already cooperating with American, German and a number of other EU partners. We are already conducting coordinated audits and jointly preparing audits on key topics of concern to the Ukrainian society and the international community," the Head of the Accounting Chamber added.

Earlier, the G7 ambassadors also expressed the opinion that "the new leadership of the Accounting Chamber should be appointed only after the adoption of legislation that ensures a transparent and merit-based competition with proper vetting of candidates."

"The Accounting Chamber is essentially the supreme audit body of the state and is not subordinated or controlled by any branch of power. This is one of the factors, along with the professional qualities of its employees and institutional capacity, that should influence the impartial and professional promotion of good governance in Ukraine and the prevention of corruption and fraud with public funds," emphasized Andrii Maisner.

The Head of the Accounting Chamber believes that an important step in this process is to update the relevant legislation without delay and with the participation of the audit institution itself. Andrii Maisner called on all stakeholders to join the constructive process of reforming and ensuring the institutional maturity and true, not fragmentary, independence of the Accounting Chamber.

"It is in the direct interest of the Ukrainian society and international partners of Ukraine, who help us in the most difficult times at the expense of their taxpayers," the Head of the Accounting Chamber summarized his comments.